On the bench #3

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So, I got a whole bunch of laser cut MDF stuff – which is pretty sweet, that I’ll be using for the shots of the Death Strike Marines as they are finished. It kinda delayed the progress somewhat as I painted that stuff up instead of continuing on with the Space Marines, but it’ll make them look nicer.

MDF is a funny material, it paints well, but soaks up the paint – which in turn can make it delicate to work with washes and such like. I’ve seen several people advise of sealing the MDF first with PVA or something to enable normal painting – something I’ll likely take heed of next time. The stuff I got was brilliant for the money – I honestly can’t recommend this stuff enough for the wargamer looking to buff out their terrain collection – I’d of been hard pushed to put similar pieces together for less money if I was scratch building. I’m now, of course, looking into laser cutters, alongside 3D printers and CNC machines on the wishlist of “kick-ass wargaming tools”.

Anyway, here’s a wee updated photo of the 1st squad of Death Strike in their new environs – I photoshopped the backdrop and just shot against the computer monitor – a modern day version of 1950s rear projection filming…

2nd Company 1st Squad A

2nd Company, 1st Squad, “A”


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