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Badass heroes. (Bling not required) Sunday 13th, Aug, 2017 - I’ve just rebased Captain Heiko Knallhart for my Death Strike Marines, and as conversions of the fairly well trodden Space Marine trope go, he’s pretty bad-ass looking. Nothing more than a bit of a kit-bash – most of the bits are used as intended – but smoothing out his chest iconography, losing the chapter symbols […]
On the bench #3 Friday 11th, Aug, 2017 - So, I got a whole bunch of laser cut MDF stuff – which is pretty sweet, that I’ll be using for the shots of the Death Strike Marines as they are finished. It kinda delayed the progress somewhat as I painted that stuff up instead of continuing on with the Space Marines, but it’ll make […]
On The Bench #2 Saturday 29th, Jul, 2017 - It’s been a busy wee bit at work, but I’ve also dusted off, perhaps not enough dusting TBH, the ol’ Death Strike Space Marines army – to make another push on getting a hundred of these Astartes warriors fully painted and ready for action. The main base on them all and several details are done […]
For the Glory of Burnt Umber! Monday 24th, Jul, 2017 - I’ve been painting some Warlord Celts today, and decided to make them properly grimy – so wheeled out an age old technique I used to use for doing loads of “realistic” models at once – Burnt Umber base coat. Simply get your favourite dark brown and undercoat with that. It’s not easy getting a primer […]
RIP George A Romero Monday 17th, Jul, 2017 - It’s a sad day for horror buffs everywhere, as film maker George A Romero passes. Famed for “Night of the Living Dead” and it’s sequels, he unarguably created the modern, brain eating, undead, zombie genre. There’s plenty more to be said about how he handled the genre like a true pioneer, and the social commentary […]
On the bench #1 Monday 17th, Jul, 2017 - It’s kinda strange – I want to give a sorta running commentary on my hobby projects every couple of days, and am gonna do this under the “On the Bench” tag. Now that’s a cool thing to do, yeah? The only downside, so early in the gestation of the site, is that I’ve mostly been […]
Settling down… Friday 14th, Jul, 2017 - I think the design is set now – whilst a couple of extra menu items will appear, for painting/hobby tips and links and things – I have my (very simple) workflow for the site graphics down, and plenty of paper and pens to do it on! I’m a huge fan of the homebrew 70s/80s sci-fi […]
Shiny Stuff Syndrome Friday 14th, Jul, 2017 - Wargaming 101 Wargaming is a hobby, or so they say. I’d liken it somewhat to an affliction. This affliction presents itself primarily in a need to collect “all the things” – the biggest issue with this affliction and it being directed at wargaming, and not something more limited in scope like stamps/records/comics, ┬áis that not […]
Inspiration from Ancient Tomes Thursday 13th, Jul, 2017 - I’ve accepted that I could officially be described as “not young” anymore. Not old, but if someone calls me a “young man” then an eyebrow would be well and cocked in their direction. And not like a Roger Moore eyebrow cocking, a “Really? You’re going with that phrase are ye?” kinda way. But I’m always […]
Day 3 in the Dogomatica house… Tuesday 11th, Jul, 2017 - After a touch of fiddling with various settings, I’m gradually filling the site with various extras and portfolio items including splitting projects into different categories like Fantasy and Sci-Fi, as well as for individual systems like Frostgrave and Battle of Five Armies. As the design is not complete I’m not going spend hours creating menu […]